Hub Mesh and older related Apps with upgrade to

I have 2 hubs meshed, and a number of linked devices between them.

The release notes for mentions

Hub Link and Link to Hub: We recommend using Hub Mesh for multiple hubs.

but no details. I presently have an App, 'Hub Link', as well as 'hubLinkMode'; plus 2 devices, 'HubLink' (the first hub) and 'HubLink on...' (the second hub). This is repeated on the second hub. The 'hubLinkMode' App allows Mode to be changed on hub 1, and hub 2 is slaved to that.

Should I now delete the App 'Hub Link', or does it still serve a purpose? What about the devices? Is everything now homed to the "Hub Mesh' page?

If you are using Hub Link/Link to Hub for modes, either keep it or switch to Hub Mesh. That release note means that they are deprecated and not available for new installs, with Hub Mesh being the recommendation instead, but existing installs will continue to function.

They are distinct features, and there is no automatic migration path if that is also part of what you're asking. But with only a mode sync, the transition would be pretty easy (but, again, not necessary).


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