Hub lockup when Ethernet disconnected or router turned off

Not related to power spike or other things you describe. I’ve actually had this happen by just disconnecting the Ethernet cable when working on my network. It just completely locks up and nothing works. Eventually after some time, zigbee devices will disconnect as they can no longer find the hub. Ive had this happen at least 3 times in the last 6 months. The hub is unreachable and no automations will fire. It’s basically completely dead until I power cycle the hub and internet service is restored. This last time I had to restore from backup the previous night.

My sengled bulbs and xiaomi devices were the only ones effected. Everything else came back. Had no problem with any z wave devices.

How many and what kinds of Wifi/LAN devices do you have?
What Wifi / LAN / Cloud integrations / apps do you have?

I am still thinking something is hammering TCP/IP connections when the hub goes offline until it dies. This is not that hard to do with code that does not account for an extended offline event.

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Okay, are you sure they were dead? Or, were they just turning on a 0%. I seem to recall when I had power outages a few years back, my zigbee bulbs appeared to be dead when I turned them on. But, after troubleshooting, realized they were powering on in an odd state. This is pre-advanced zigbee bulb drivers. Back then, pairing them again returned them to original function until I realized I just needed to set the dim level back to 100.

Once the advanced drivers came out, I was able to set the preference to have them return to original state. They still act wonky for me after a power outage, powering at less than 100, but more than 0 now. Cycling them on/off usually fixed that.

This had nothing to do with internet though. In fact, I lose internet more than I lose power (and I lose both alot, hence the need for a substantial UPS). But, I have never had any issues as a result of not having internet. This is in fact the second reason I got rid of ST. The main reason being that they were about to brick my V1 hub. But, the strong second reason was that this can be a totally local solution that runs when the internet goes down.

I never had this issue with C7. Only C8. The Battery backup was working fine as I also have a Synology drive attached and it was functioning as normal. The hub lights were on, but as stated, completely locked up, no way to access via network LAN and no functionality whatsoever.

Nope they were disconnected from the hub. I was forced to re-pair them. This isnt my first rodeo in HA systems. Been using ST for many years and now with HE for several years. I had about 12 zigbee devices that just dropped completely out. Once paired again they worked fine.

I PM’ed you the hub ID. Did you see anything that stood out?

I wish I could list them all. I have quite a bit. In total at least 70 zigbee, 30, zwave, 20 wifi, along with lots of custom device handlers and apps. Quite extensive. Too many to list. I think mu device list is well over 170.

I only asked about Wi-Fi/lan devices. Not worried about zwave and Zigbee.

Did you ever check the past logs for errors and warnings while hub was offline?

The Aqara/Xiaomi devices are well known for dropping off of a standards-based Zigbee Home automation mesh. I am not surprised about those whatsoever.

I am a little more surprised about the Sengled bulbs, though. When I used those, I never had one drop off of my mesh network. What type of Zigbee repeater devices do you have on your Zigbee network?

Yea, I am well aware of the challenges Xiaomi devices bring. I have spent many years testing different repeating devices, mapping and checking Xiaomi device connectivity. I did this prior with Smarthings, and now with hubitat using both the built in mapping GUI, and also with XCTU. I have nearly 40 Xiaomi devices presently and not a single one disconnects, and some have had un-interrupted connection for several years. My guess is that the hub was locked up for some time (more than several hours) prior to my intervention when I returned home after the power outage. That would make sense, as almost all Xiaomi devices after 2-3 attempts to call home, will drop out. The best Repeaters for them are CC2531's and are very cheap. Pretty much anything certified Zigbee Stack 3.0 will work well with xiaomi. The reasons I went with sengled bulbs is that most Zigbee repeating bulbs do not play well with Xiaomi. sengled does not act as repeaters. Most Sylvania, and Cree do not work well with Xiaomi.

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No< havent checked logs. I am still very green to HE, and wouldn't know where to look. I do have about 15 wifi devices, most of them being sonoff basics and nanoleaf. they all remained online and did not require any intervention after the hub was brought back up.

Info about logs page: Logs | Hubitat Documentation

You can filter by error and warn logs using the filters at the top.

I have similar power failure issues here. It is really hard to find a pattern yet. I have 2 different hubs and both are unreachable after power or network connectivity is interrupted. 1 is on a battery back up and the other is not. After power is interrupted I have to reboot the device by pulling the power off and then it becomes accessible. Very strange. It seems the device does not handle power issues very well. It would appear that hardening the power source as much as possible and running on wifi is going to be required for it to be modestly resilient. The problem is I am installing 1 at my primary residence and the other far away at another location. My plan was to be able to monitor location A from location B and vice versa. Resetting it when you're in the same place as the hub is not a big problem. When It's a 1000 miles away it is...

I had same issue ... try hardcoding hub to 100fixed connection. when my 2.5g switch rebooted it would hang the hub networking (ie on c8 alternate blinking red and green lights)



In case you've never seen the settings @kahn-hubitat referred to...

  • Settings>Network Setup>Ethernet Speed
  • Use the drop-down to select as noted above. :slight_smile:
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