Hub locks up - no rules Enabled

I have a hub I bought Oct 2019. It locked up twice in 1st 2 weeks and then ran w/o trouble until June 2021. Since then it has locked up every week or two. On Saturday I Disabled every App rule I had. I also updated the hub and rebooted. Next morning it was locked up, and yesterday (Tuesday) at 4pm it was locked up again.

When I say "locked up" I mean that the hub is not responding to anything, including the web interface.

The Past logs never show anything unusual. In the last instance, it just shows some motion detection.

I'm wondering what the next step should be. Can I delete all Rules and Apps? Or should I try to reload the hub, which seems like it would require re-pairing all 15 devices?? Should I just replace the hub?

Is there a Hub log someplace??


Have you tried doing a softreset and restore?


This is the best first step. Soft Reset - Hubitat Documentation




If the Diagnostic Tool is accessible, then a Soft Reset might help. If Diagnostic Tool is also inaccessible, then you'd need to look into network troubleshooting, including replacing the Ethernet cable.

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Or power . Try a different power supply and cable or put it on a battery backup.


Thanks for all the help.

I did a Soft Reset, and then Restored a recent backup. I changed the power inverter. The Hub was good for ~ 5 days, but locked up overnight.

The restore brought back all the devices and App Rules (which are all currently Disabled).

Will a bad device hang the hub like this? Or is this likely to be a malfunctioning hub??

A bad device or app can certainly lock your hub, but your Logs would be full of errors and likely there will be several system alerts indicating that there is an issue.

If you send me a PM I'll take a look at your engineering logs to rule out that this isn't some kind of software issue.

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With only 35 devices? You should post what types of devices you have including the brand/model.


I'll sent a PM, if you tell me what that is. Thanks

Here is a list of devices. Let me know if there's anything I need to add to the descriptions. All of these are pretty common, I believe, except maybe the Water Sensor.

I’ve not heard of any problems with the Ecolink sensor. I have one in my crawl space as well and it’s been perfect. I do think some have had problems with the Zooz sensors, and it doesn’t seem unreasonable that they could lock up the hub if perhaps the z-wave outlets are also spamming energy reports to the hub. You can open the device page for each one, and click the “events” button at the top to see if they are sending an unreasonable number of events. You could also see more detailed information under the logs. From the main page, click “logs”, then click the “devices” tab at the top. You can expand the filters, but I generally just select them all. This will give you information on exactly what devices are using up resources on the hub and to what extent. I had trouble with a z-wave button device spamming battery reports every six seconds, and it was enough to slow down the responsiveness of other z-wave devices by about 10 seconds. One of the many reasons I choose Zigbee whenever possible.

PM stands for Private Message. If you click his picture it will give you the option of sending a message that only he will see.


Please check the notification in the upper right corner. I reached out to you.

Can you post a copy of your z-wave details page in its entirety?

Here's the z-wave detail page...

Looking at the Kitchen Zooz Motion Detector, I see two issues.

First, the device is marked at deprecated, instead of System. I haven't tried to hunt down what that is referring to yet.

And the Detector fires a fair number of motion events - several per second. Given that the kitchen can have motion hours in a day, that's a lot.

Kitchen Motion events

I think you are onto something there. That’s way to often, and it’s just spamming to network. There may be a firmware update to address this, but I don’t think it will be possible to update the sensor, or anything else, with that much z-wave traffic. I would remove the sensor from the network, reset, and reinclude to see if things improve. Also report this to Zooz as they may be able to help @agnes.zooz


This definitely doesn't look right. HE just released a new driver for the ZSE40 in the most recent platform update so I would also recommend excluding and re-including the sensor (after the platform is updated) to see if that helps.


I want to thank everyone for the help getting my Hub stable and for coaching me over the vast gaps in my knowledge. Thanks also to Zooz Support for their suggestions.

It did seem to come down to the older driver being the issue. At this point, I'm not sure which driver had been installed originally. Fixed by switching to the either of the Generic Z-Wave Motion or Zooz 4 in 1 New driver -- I have updated the two Zooz "4 in 1"s I have and both are fine.

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