Hub Locking Up - Requires a Hard Boot

Twice in the past week, my hub has locked up requiring a hard re-boot. Power off/on.

I did scan the postings and found some similar issues, that are but the postings are nearly 3 years old.

Since this situation just started, I am assuming it is something I have done or added within the past few weeks. My suspicions are the Aqara contacts and community drivers. I don't want to jump to a conclusion so I am posting the information here. Maybe someone sees something I can't.

There is a set of Aqara contacts on the system. It is a test bed. I am suspicious of it because it is being used in conjunction with a motion sensor with a new rule using Motion/Mode App. That motion sensor is eating into a new battery which may, or may not be part of the problem.

As of a few moments ago, I "paused" the rule to see if anything occurs in the logs. Below is my hub information, and log excerpts.

What may not be clear in the logs is that there should have been a mode change at 10:00PM. That did not occur as the hub was locked. Once repowered it took off and started to work.

I am looking strongly at dev:461 - again a filtered log extract for it is below.

Hub and Hardware Information
This is a C-4 Hub.
Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version
Hardware Version
Rev C-4
IP Address
MAC Address
Default Text To Speech (TTS) Voice

Matthew, Male, US English
Current Hub Time (as of last page load)
2022-03-12 12:31:25 PM CST Update Time from Browser Time

Log Excerpts

Device 461 extract.

Custom Driver List.

sounds like the jvm metaspace is set too small on the C4. This a parameter HE folks can change...

Thank you.

Or, I could go ahead and install the C-7 I have sitting here. :slightly_smiling_face:


I noticed the same problem after installing the dashboard app and creating a couple dashboards with cloud access. I removed the dashboard app and it now seems not to lock up.

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