Hub lock up right after reboot

So I noticed both of my zwave garage door openers didn't work so I reboot the HUB today. Boy that was a mistake. The hub now seems to be locking up immediately after reboot. Sometimes it will connect me to the main page but then nothing works after that. No page will load at all. I went to http://IP:8081 to downgrade to previous version but the same result.

@bobbyD any clue?

I think something odd is happening, I seen a couple of threads with similar issues, and I had the same issue but I did not bother to post it because at the end it's always my fault.... I had my hub locked, then when rebooted locked at 50%, after 12 hours doing different methods to try to solve the problem I had to restore the database in the spare hub and redo all cloud connections, it worked perfectly but the older hub restoring the same database did not, then in a couple of days the spare hub got locked too, a reboot fixed it this time. I don't have any mayor custom apps, just Cobra container with average all, message central and one to many, konnected, welcome home and boot me up scottie. I never installed anything like webcore or influx or any other app that I seen on this community to lock up the hub.

Something is definitely weird indeed. One posted suggested the "locked up" could have been the hub was doing a backup after the reboot but I don't think that's the reason in this case. I rebooted the hub and went to the movie (Captain Marvel.. great movie BTW) but it was still locked up when I got back home.

Try booting the hub with the USB Zigbee/ZWave stick removed.

Once booted see if you can get in.
If you can get in, go to the devices (and/or apps) page and disable any devices that you think may be the issue. You must be in list view and then click the faded X to where it shows a red X which will expose the disable checkboxes column in the list.

This is the same procedure for Apps.
Shutdown, reinsert the USB ZWave/Zigbee stick and boot back up.
Re-enable things 1 by 1 giving some time to see if the lock up is going to occur again after each enablement.

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The hub soft reset and DB restore worked for me. Just strange that things were working for weeks then failed after a reboot. Something went wrong during the shutdown prior to the reboot maybe. I don't remember if I waited for the LED to turn red before cycling power to the HUB. Perhaps a "prompt" to the USER to remind us to wait a few second before pulling power might have prevented this.