Hub load is severe

Hi Support

I recently upgraded from a C7 to C8 hub. It seemed like everything was fine, but some stuff wasn't working. I noticed the "Hub load is severe" message displayed. There are several repeating entries in the logs like this:

2023-03-27 05:18:14.290 Event queue is full, new event for device 490 is dropped on line 90 (method parse)
2023-03-27 05:18:12.431 PMerrorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: com.hubitat.hub.executor.LogWrapper.error() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String, values: [parse Exception: , Too many events pending processing for device 39] Possible solutions: error(java.lang.String), error(java.lang.Object), grep(), every(), iterator(), info(java.lang.String) on line 347 (method parse)
2023-03-27 05:23:05.212 PMerrorjava.lang.StackOverflowError: null on line 3859 (method gtPdata)
2023-03-27 05:23:07.931 PMerrorjava.lang.NullPointerException: null on line 524 (method curPState)

Is this an indication that the migration didn't go right, or is something else going on?

It seems some devices work, although they don't reflect their status correctly (sometimes).

I'd give it a shutdown and power cycle. It's probable a reboot would be enough but one additional minute won't be excessive I hope :smiley: The power cycle will clear out any "stuck" Z-Radio and you'll have a less concerns later.

It may be that device 490 and/or 39 needs a power cycle too, if it's flooding your hub. It's difficult from way over here to tell if the device is over sending or the hub is under receiving. So I'm suggesting a hub reboot to start.

Oddly enough, one more standard reboot seemed to do the trick. If it comes back, I'll try the full power cycle, but didn't see your message until after I had already rebooted. I did use the "reboot" button from the diagnostic screen instead, not sure if that's any different.

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Make sure you don't have any LAN/Wifi devices or integrations that may be going haywire after the migration. The Hub ID gets changed so some things need to be re-authorized to work correctly. Also its possible the hub IP changed unless you gave it the same static IP (or DHCP reservation). Multiple repeating TCP connection attempts and failures can cause the hub to spiral out of control.

I had the integrations off during the transition. Whatever it was fixed itself after the reboot (I tried rebooting at least one other time too, didn't help).

The IP changed (dhcp), and finding it was no trouble.

I'm going to keep the log window open for a little while just to be sure, but I'm assuming this is resolved.

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