Hub load is severe

Hi All,
I've been getting the Load Severe since I moved to C8. I can't also update with download fails.
When I follow the instructions and go to the Apps and Drivers, I see a high state size for some apps I run.

Does anyone have any recommendations about what I could do to reduce the load?
I keep hearing Hubitat hub can handle many devices and applications, so why am I getting these alerts?

Try pausing Lights Auto-Kitchen - it looks to be eating up 27% of your processing power.

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Pause didn't help. I had to stop it. The State Size went down significantly, and the alarm disappeared. However, it looks like all my Rule Machine apps have high State Sizes. How could I limit their State Size?
The download of the latest version still takes ages and fails in the middle.

Wouldn’t worry too much about the state size unless the database grows excessively.

Wouldn't the database size cause the download failure? When I'm updating to a new release, it fails around 60%. Everytime I have to soft reset and upgrade then restore :roll_eyes::pensive:

Sounds more like a memory issue if you’re failing on the install, or a communications issue if your failing on the download, but what’s your database size?

What app is this? If it is Rule Machine post a picture of the 'Lights Auto-Kitchen' rule. There's something not right with it based on the app stats. If that is true, then maybe some of your other similar rules have similar issues. Maybe then pause all similar rules to see if you can get the hub to not fail to update.

Once you get things working, you might want to consider using Room Lighting for your auto light rules. That's what it is built for and once you learn the flows (it's a complex app) it can be easier to set up and maintain than Rule Machine for these scenarios.

Go to yourhubip:8081 then click download latest version. Then click restore previous version but pick .113.

Also under network setup make sure speed is set for auto and NOT fixed.

So all of this started happening on your new C8 but not on your old C7?

Guessing the rule got corrupted during the migration - sometimes all you have to do to fix it is open it and hit Done.

I changed the history limit for apps to 11. It initially didn't make any difference to the download issue. But I left it for a day and tried again just now and the upgrade was successfull.
I'll go to experiment with my trouble app to see what is causing the issue there.
I'll look into the lighting app too.

I think the problem with the app was that I was using a variable in the trigger conditions that didn't exist on this device. I switched this rule to the Room Lighting app to see what happens. Thanks for all your help.

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