Hub Load - Elevated/Severe

I have been having hub load issues since thru 140..
Things I have tried are
(1) shutdown for 5 minutes and restart
(2) backup and immediate restore to fix any DB corruption
(3) Monitored over a period of few days ...
-- Logs - No errors
-- device stats (less than 5% , typically about 3%)
-- apps stats ( same as device stats... (less than 5% , typically about 3%)
(4) rebooting fixes it for some time.. but the elevated load returns
(5) DB Size is about 5-7
(6) after restart this is the CPU info

Date/time,Free OS,5m CPU avg
12-26 10:32:02,676132,1.71
12-26 10:37:02,359412,1.3
12-26 10:42:02,360020,0.53
12-26 10:47:02,357680,0.4
12-26 10:52:02,358180,0.26
12-26 10:57:02,358296,0.29
12-26 11:02:02,355976,0.29
12-26 11:07:02,355508,0.32
12-26 11:12:02,351220,0.4
12-26 11:17:02,351740,0.29
12-26 11:22:02,351932,0.24
12-26 11:27:02,351500,0.25
12-26 11:32:05,378664,0.2
12-26 11:37:05,370716,0.34
12-26 11:42:05,369020,0.25
12-26 11:47:05,369672,0.56
12-26 11:52:05,369252,0.57
12-26 11:57:05,366924,0.93
12-26 12:02:05,344888,1.26
12-26 12:07:05,344176,1.66
12-26 12:12:05,342336,1.49
12-26 12:17:05,342356,1.9
12-26 12:22:06,342256,1.82
12-26 12:27:06,339084,1.86
12-26 12:32:08,361432,1.95

As far as I know, the elevated load has been since the 2.3.7 update, 2.3.6 seemed to have been fine (based on the fact that the lights used to turn on faster than they do currently, just slightly but noticeable)

What else can I check to identify what is causing the elevated/severe load.
I have not restored to previous firmware, to be able to identify the issue, but will do it as a last resort to see if that fixes it !.. but would really like to find out the issue and then fix it rather than just revert the firmware

Have you checked the Apps and devices tab on the logging page to see what is using the majority of the CPU.

Do you have any busy lan based integrations.


Just to clariy, I assume you mean .138 thru 140, as .138 was the first full release of 2.3.7.

HE staff is (hopefully) mostly enjoying a holiday break right now, but you can PM your hub ID (on Settings>Hub Details page) to @gopher.ny & @support_team so they can take a peek at your engineering logs when they return.

What LAN integrations do you run? Have you checked the logs page to see if any of them are acting up/throwing warnings or errors?

Did you make any changes/additions to your hub on or around the update to 2.3.7?

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as mentioned in (3). the device stats and apps stats show a usage of about 3.5 % each.., after reboot it starts off high, and in about 10-15 minutes settles to about 3-5%

ok so what LAN based integrations do you have?

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None.. I have a separate hub, that has my LAN and internet/cloud integrations. This has Zigbee and Z-wave Devices only

Okay, what smart apps do you have?

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Can you PM me the hub id? I'll check the engineering logs for any clues.

RM 5.1 , Preference Manager, Groups and Scenes, Zone Motion Controllers

This is specifically about the Logs page, really Past Logs page. Go to it, re-load it, and then select your LAN integrations to see if they are throwing any number of errors/warnings.

And of course, PM Gopher your hub ID first, that's top priority.

as I said here.. Hub Load - Elevated/Severe - #4 by nrm94ee330
I dont have any lan integrations, Also, as I mentioned in the original post (3).. I checked all the logs.. hub doesnt have any errors or warnings..

You said you shut it down for 5 minutes. Was it also powered off? (Unplugged?)

Yes, Physically disconnected from power

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OK, await Gopher's look at your engineering sent him your Hub ID via PM? Just want to confirm as you didn't mention it.

yeah.. sent him the pm.. with the hub uid :+1:

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I had the same warning twice in the past day's. Did a reboot and update to .141, will see...

I have also started to have the same warning - I thought it was something I had done though.

Did it resolve your issues?
I updated it to .141 last night, but I am still having elevated load message

Funny thing is now the device and app stats both show usage of about 1.5% ..
Wonder what else uses the CPU, that we cannot see in the GUI!

As a test i will try to turn off the ZigBee radio only and keep it off for about 30 minutes and see if the elevated load goes away
And the do the same with Zwave radio
That might show if either of those radios are eating up the CPU cycles..

Maybe being able to see that ( CPU usage by radio) would help easier troubleshooting in the future for others?

Since i don't have any lan integrations, just hub-mesh.. i don't have anything else to use the CPU cycles

:man_shrugging: waiting for the next message, the problem is I don' know if it is the platform update or the attempt to upgrade to the C8 and go back to the C5.
I know for sure I did not have that message before and I did not add devices nor changes on the hub (only some repairing zigbee devices after the β€œto” C8 migration attempt.

In my case I can not acces the hub anymore, a restart is needed, after the restart the first time I saw Elevated, the second time Severe

@gopher.ny If we PM the hub ID when the problem is there, does it make a difference if we power off/on the hub to resolve the issue?