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I just purchased my second Hubitat Hub, primarily to have a home for my many Osram bulbs. The original hub has Hub Link, and the new hub has Link to Hub, and all the Osram bulbs. The basic dimming bulbs work fine, but a Color Temperature bulb and Sylvania's Flex Strip RGBW have caused problems. WIth both, the devices will be off on the second hub, but the master hub shows them as on. I can switch the bulb on and off from the second hub, and they will sync, but later the master somehow changes to showing them on again.

I've ruled out any rules triggering them, so it has to be something in Hub Link. If it makes any difference, the original hub uses channel 20 for Zigbee. When I set up the new hub, it also chose that channel so I changed it to channel 17.

I also sent a support email, but I am hoping someone in the community can help me quickly.

You're going to want to keep track of this new project...

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I use Hubconnect for my Lightify RGBW strips. Works well so far. See this very long thread ....

I may try this if Hub Link problems are not fixed. I'm trying to keep everything in built-in apps, but maybe this is one app I'll have to try.

Not to speak FOR Hubitat, but my impression is,
Hub Link and Link to Hub are Done, as in Complete.

They do what they do targeting a specific scenario of SmartThings Migration to Hubitat. They were envisioned as a somewhat short term solution to the task of migrating Switches, dimmers and Contact sensors to Hubitat. The founders needed them when they migrated their own SmartThings environment to the nascent Hubitat Hub. (Long before it was publicly known, I'm sure.)

They needed to keep their own homes running (WAF and all) while still developing the Hub.

Adding additional Attributes to these Apps was far down the list when @srwhite and I independently petitioned Hubitat to improve the Apps. We were told it was on the list but wasn't likely to happen in the foreseeable future. Which was a fair answer.. there certainly were (and still are,) bigger fish to fry.

HubConnect was the result of that and initially Steve and I thought we'd be the only ones using it. :smiley:

HubConnect is a very large tool, in terms of steps, but is extraordinarily 'light' in resource usage of the hub. At a very high level, one installs a driver on each Hubitat Hub (not needed for SmartThings) and then two apps for the Hub you pick as the Server. One App on the other Hub. That gives you the basics of a pair of interconnected Hubs... a 'highway' between the hubs. The next step is a lot like Hub Link in that you select the "real devices" you want mirrored to the connected hub. Either direction, both directions, up to you. The device events ride ON the 'highway' and include all the attributes of each device.

There's additional installation assistance at:
Including videos that show the entire installation step by step.

Enjoy HubConnect if you choose to try. :smiley:

Technically speaking, initially you didn't want to use it. :slight_smile:

@csteele has done a great job creating these help videos. In addition, I will be launching a new website and knowledgebase for HubConnect very soon to help make things easier. These two tools, and of course some major usability improvements I've put into version 2.0, should lower the barrier to entry considerable.

Now if @chuck.schwer and @bravenel can create a driver import manifest, I'll further simplify the installation. :slight_smile:

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True, but that was for less than a week, so long ago.

I think I've "repaid" that since, almost? :smiley:

Looks like i will have to try hub-connect after all :grimacing:. When sending a colour from the link device page i get this on the receiving hub and it fails so doesn't work.

it also doesn't support dimming from the looks of it, @csteele does hub connect?

@bravenel i know you guys are crazy busy, so just want to know what is the likelihood of this being fixed?

High. Stay tuned ... But don't hold your breath.


Yes. HubLink/Link to Hub doesn't support many attributes. HubConnect supports all attributes. There are workarounds for HubLink/Link to Hub where you create virtual devices that transfer an attribute that is supported and then 'convert' them. Dimmer/setLevel is supported, so you could have 3 dimmers for your color (colour) then merge it back.

After a while, HubConnect starts to look Good. :smiley:

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So how do you do

when it comes over it dose not give them as a option

Ok, a new HubConnect Dimmer file has been added to for v2.0 RC1

It's a RGBW lamp (should be there as default really?). I think I worked it out, I created a "stub" driver and then followed the code and added the commands and defined them. It was the last thing I did last night at 2 am :sleeping: so haven't tested it yet but it work for my "nest presence" device "stub" when I did the same there. I was very impressed with HC it was a pain to install and I think there is a mistake in the doc but it correct in the video (I'll confirm / deny when I get chance) but the app is a fantastic bit of program. The driver creator was amazing clever as well :+1:.

nothing there?

ok, I agree, I'm much worse at adding a file for download than I imagined. :slight_smile:

Try now?

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