Hub keeps locking up

hello -

my hub's been locking up multiple times per day after upgrading to, and even more frequently after upgrading to

sent this e-mail to hubitat support, but if anyone's got any ideas on troubleshooting steps it'd be appreciated!

My hub's been locking up 2+ times per day after, and even more frequently after upgrading to

I've checked my logs and the only errors I see are related to various cloud-connected apps failing to connect, but I am guessing these are being generated after the hub's lost enough of its marbles for the network to have gone down. Timestamps on link errors in switch logs seem to support that theory.

Can you post a screenshot of the logs?

yes, here's a screenshort of the logs filtered for 'error':

as i mentioned, i'm not sure any of these things are actually causing the error...these just seem to be a result of the hub locking hub that go away when i reboot it

Do the times correspond to just before a lock up? Because if they don't the errors are not very useful.

no - the errors seem to appear after the lockup already happened

all of the logs leading up to the lock up are just debug or info level messages

in the screenshot below, the hub had locked up around 952, which was before the first errors at 953

Did you reboot when it locked up? And when? Because I'm not seeing that in the log.

Also, tagging @bobbyD so he is aware of your hub lockup issue.

yes, i rebooted around 10am:

and here's the system event to confirm that:

i've had to reboot twice since then, sequence of events look similar but i can post those too if you think it would be helpful?

No - I think its best to let support take a look.