Hub is unresponsive how to reboot?

So I was doing a zwave repair just now and it got to deviceid 35 and the hub seems to have crashed. I can't access any pages. How do I reboot the hub without pulling power again?

So I crawled up the cabinet and looked at the HUB. All is see is a RED LED on. Seems like the FW crashed during zwave repair.

Weird Mine did this yesterday when I was trying to exclude the Pool pump outside in the Texas Heat. The light on the stick would turn off and then the hub would go red. I finally just pulled the power cord. I didnt really want to but wasn't sure how else to fix it.

I think you have to bite the bullet and pull the plug :slight_smile:

Since the red light is lit, it is unlikely pulling the plug without the normal shutdown will do any damage.



I removed some of the smartapp that were doing ssdp discovery and mediarenderer and now things are speedy again.

Which apps where those?

Sonoff connect app.. I edited the code so that it does not delete the child device before removing it. I don't think it's needed anyway since I have all my Sonoff switches on static IP.

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