Hub is live and online but Remote Admin and Cloud Dashboard fail to connect

Hi @support_team

Just noticed I can't access either my C7 hub's cloud dashboard or remote access for a hub that I manage remotely. I'm pretty sure it is running but I'm unable to verify this right now.

However I know the hub is live and with Internet connectivity as the InfluxDB-Logger instance continues to update a cloud instance of InfluxDB with new data, indicating automations are running:

I also have no issues accessing the router this hub is connected to via the TP-Link Tether app. The Remote Access service status is marked as operational on Hubitat's subscription support page:

Any clues as to what could be going on ?


Try clearing your browser cache or even using a different browser.

Thanks. I don't think it's a cache issue as there is a long delay before Hubitat's cloud platform finally returns "no response from hub".

Just for kicks I with Chrome incognito and Sarafi. Same result.

I've since managed to confirm that automations are running (e.g. room lights) judging from the power logging done through InfluxDB-Logger. By inference, Zigbee radio is on and the house has power (hub, router etc. are on UPS).

List of things that are controllable remotely (behind the same router as Hubitat):

  • Blink cameras
  • Two WiFi eWeLink plugs I can use in an emergency to power cycle the hub and Blink sync module
  • TP-Link router remote management

List of things that aren't controllable remotely:

  • Remote Admin to HE C7 hub
  • HE cloud API links (e.g. cloud dashboard, MakerAPI)

I could try to power cycle the hub to see if that makes a difference, worst case being the hub fails to come back and that will cost me a 2.5 hour drive which I'd really like to avoid :slight_smile:

Oddly, I had the same thing happen yesterday to my C-8 running First time itโ€™s ever happened. Was accessible by local dashboard link but not by WAN dashboard link and not by Remote Admin. My C-5 on same network, same firmware, was fine, and, like you, all my C-8 automations were working.

A reboot fixed everything. :man_shrugging:

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Yeah I'll eventually get around to trying that but since nothing seems to be broken other than my ability to remotely access the hub, I'd prefer to get the HE staff a chance to look at it, as this is not normal behaviour.

Do you see your hub at ?

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I do see both of my hubs there. But for the remote & inaccessible hub, the "Connect to Hub" button is disabled. "Hub Details" reveals the last checkin was at 2.17am.

Cross my fingers and remote power-cycle ?

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Flipped the wifi Sonoff off, 30s then on and hub is now accessible.

Note to self : program an RM rule so I can message the hub to reboot itself cleanly when a Kasa switch is used to Morse-code an SOS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The only problem with that is if you power cut the hub like that enough it will corrupt the database and you'll have to do a soft reset and restore. If you can set up a vpn that would be more ideal.


Im aware of that risk. This was why I am thinking of using a Kasa switch (with its cloud binding active) to signal the hub to reboot itself, e.g. an RM rule that checks if the switch is toggled 5 times in 5 seconds or something.

Yup gotta get it done at some point. Too many toys !

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