Hub Gone Mad

Woke up 2 days ago, with nothing working, tried to access hub nothing, so rebooted hub, when the UI launched there's a big message error 500, something went wrong, the tab says server error, tried the launch diagnostic tool and my MAC code is not recognised, I've reset router, pressed button underneath for 10 seconds, and it rebooted, nothing works. any help much appreciated

You may need to try a soft reset from within the diagnostic tool / page. I had to do one earlier today after my development hub (C-4 running kept refusing web connections from my browser or HE app on my phone and tablet. Others are more knowledgeable than me on this (aside from HE support, obviously... :wink: ), so may be worth waiting for others to chime in....

Sorted, was putting MAC address in wrong, put an O instead of a D for some reason, soft reset and all is fine


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