Hub Going Offline Again...How to Troubleshoot?

My realized my hub went offline after my rules failed to fire (various rules involving different devices and parameters). This is the third time it’s happened over the course of the month — no new devices were added since then. HE has been pretty solid for me up to this point and I’m curious what could be causing this. Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot?

The hub showed a red light so I unplugged each time to get it back up and running. Doesn’t seem like the best option as it’s happened a few times now.

First things first. Reach out to

Have you looked at your logs? Once you boot the hub back up you can access the Past Logs and look for clues. If there are any errors generated, start looking at the app/driver that is the source of the error.

Also, what 3rd party apps and drivers are you running?

Thanks. I see that the Kasa App shows errors because the device is offline (I unplugged the Kasa outlet because it controlled my Christmas lighting). Not sure how that would be enough to knock the hub offline a few times though.

Any other places to look?