Hub freezing after update

My hub is crashing after a few hours when I update from to or I restored @bravenel No sure how to find what is causing the issue. Any idea ?

Errors in the logs? Any other changes to the hub (new devices, new apps?)

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Not really anything new. I tried to update everything and remove stuffs that I don't use. It seems to be working now. The logs seems to be random. Not sure what was the issue. The LED on the hub was still green .

Is It possible to telnet the hub ? Not sure how to troubleshoot If It comes again.

It is not fixed yet : my hub has got frozen again. Not sure what is the issue.


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I unplugged my hub for several minutes and It is working since yesterday night. I will make the follow-up If It comes back.

There’s no telnet or SSH access to the hub. Just the web GUI. Following up here if your issue recurs is probably your best bet.


What is “dev: 40”, and what driver are you using for it?

Also, what do you mean when you say your hub has crashed? Is the web gui no longer accessible although the led is green? Is the diagnostic tool (port 8081) still accessible when this happens?

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Dev 40 is a Tasmota thermometer based on sonoff th16 with a probe using this driver :

The diagnostic tool is not accessible but the led is still green. Crashed means no automation is working and the interface is not accessible.

Those old Tasmota drivers aren't supported by the original developer, who is no longer on this platform.

Can I suggest switching to the newer native Tasmota drivers from @garyjmilne, linked below?

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You will want to use the sensor driver which I created a seperate thread for. Installs through HPM and just choose the version with the appropriate number of switches\relays.

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Thanks I will make the change.

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