Hub Firmware update

I noticed somewhere on a post in the settings/Zwave Details there is a label for firmware up date for the c7 hub. Mine does not have this update button. I'm running ver Is there something to download?

If you are showing a firmware update on the Zwave Details page it generally means that your ZWave Stack isn't at 7.17, if you don't see the button then you are up to date.


Thanks for the quick reply! :+1:


I have the update button showing up on my c-7 zwave settings page, but when I push it nothing appears to happen?

Does it say "Update" or "Firmware Update"? Unless it says "Firmware Update", your z-wave radio already has the latest version.

The "Update" button is used to either change the z-wave region or status (enabled/disabled).


Thank you , It says update. I was keying on that word

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