Hub failed to come back up after reboot

Hi all. I just rebooted my C5 hub exactly as I have done before many, many times, only this time it failed to come back up. As it is booting the LED turns blue, and networking gets initialized because the hub starts responding to pings. However, the hub never fully comes back online. The LED remains blue and I can't get a response from port 80 nor port 8080.

Happily, at least port 8081 is working. However, when I try to reboot into safe mode, or do a soft reset on the hub, the hub asks me to enter "soft reset" or "safe mode" respectively. Once I do so, instead of performing the requested action I get the error "Error: Request failed with status code 401" with no further action from the hub.

The hub is running v2.2.3.148.

Any idea what is going on here or what I should do to recover?! Thanks in advance

In the Diagnostics tool, be sure to LOGOUT. Then LOGIN using the Hub's MAC Address. Then try the Soft-Reset procedure again.


Thank you for your response and suggestion.

When I click the Logout button, it simply changes text to Login. When I click Login, it changes to Logout. Maybe this is because I never set up security on this hub?

Try using incognito mode on Chrome to access the Diagnostics tool.

It should have nothing to do with security on the hub...



Try shutdown the hub and reboot. Not yanking the power of course.


When you click LOGIN at the bottom of the Diagnostics Too, you should see the following.

If not, make sure any automatic password filling extensions are disabled.


Thank you for the suggestion!

I should have mentioned that I've rebooted a couple of times. I've also shut the hub down, let it sit for a minute and then started it back up. As an aside, http://hub/shutdown won't work because port 80 isn't responding. However, I can reboot/shutdown the hub using port 8081.

The first time I accessed the Diagnostic Tool it asked for the MAC address to login. Once I've done so, clicking Logout/Login just toggles the button text back and forth between the two states.

Trying incognito mode was a good idea. When I did that, the hub once again required me to log in with the mac address. Once I've logged in once, even in incognito mode clicking the logout button exhibits the same behavior as in a normal browser (must use a session cookie?).

But hey! Using incognito mode, after logging in right at first, I no longer got the 401 error when trying the soft reset! Hopefully this will help me make some progress. Thank you very much for your help!


Thank you again to everyone that offered suggestions and help!

I was able to soft reset, restore from backup and it looks like I'm up and running again. Still not sure what caused the problem in the first place, but at least we're back in business.


Glad to hear you're back up and running!