Hub doesn't understand Time between 5:00 AM PDT and Sunrise+30 minutes TRUE

Starting this morning, the hub seems to think that 12:43PM is somehow between 500am and Sunrise.

It is evaluating the following:
Time between 5:00 AM PDT and Sunrise+30 minutes

as TRUE .

I've recreated the rule and it appears to be "sunrise" causing the problem.

A screenshot of the rule is always very useful... :slight_smile:


What if you try with no offset (I.e., just Sunrise) ? I seem to recall that there is an issue with offsets from sunrise, expected to be addressed in the next release.

Also would be helpful to know the firmware version on your hub.

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 1.04.53 PM


The first thing I'd look at when this happens is what time your hub thinks it is and what time it thinks sunrise is. You can check both under Settings > Location and Mode. In particular, make sure that your latitude and longitude are close enough, and make sure your time zone is set correctly. (I don't think the postal code matters except that it will help you get the other settings faster.)


Ok, trying the obvious:

(1) is the hub time showing correctly in Hub Details?

(2) does everything look correct on the bottom of he Location page (sunrise, sunset, time zone)?

Edit: Robert types faster than I do.

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I removed the offset and it still says true.
here's the screen of the rule...

still saying true at 400pm...

Yes, it looks right: Current Hub Time (as of last page load)
2020-09-29 4:25:33 PM PDT

Correct time, timezone, correct sunrise/sunset
and the location has correct place on the map.

If you use between two times such as 5am and 6am does it set to false?

I just went into the rule to change it and am noticing it now says this:
Time between 5:00 AM PDT and Sunrise+30 minutes FALSE <-- as in, it seems to have fixed itself

I'll need to peek at it during the morning to see if it's evaluating correctly during the correct time window.

There's something goofy with sunrise. I think they said something about a fix for it in the next release.