Hub dies a couple times a week, and usually at exactly 3am EST

I have a C4 hub that I just put into production about a month ago. For the past couple weeks, several times a week, the hub has gone down at exactly 3am EST. By "gone down" I mean it has no lights on it and I have to pull the power cord and reinsert it to get the hub back online. When I look at the past logs there isn't anything interesting leading up to it; just some temperature updates from my sensors and other normal device activity (there is nothing going on in my house at 3am). I mentioned this issue in another thread a week ago and someone suggested I may have a bad power supply. I've reached out to support to purchase a new power supply (the C4 does not use USB power). The most interesting thing about this is that it happens at the same time each time (but not every night). Is there a nightly process that runs, which may increase the CPU load (and therefore increase power draw that would exploit a failing power supply)?

Additionally, is there a way (via an add-on app?) to get the hub to syslog its messages? I have a syslog server for my networking/server gear and I'd love to have the hub logging all of its messages there as well. If I don't view the "past logs" soon enough after boot up, I can't verify that nothing interesting happened leading up to the crash. I'm using the InfluxDB logger for my devices already, but that's not really an appropriate means of logging hub messages.

There's a nightly hub maintenance/backup around 2am.

Unfortunately there is no syslog but you can get in touch with and see if they could help with your issue.

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