Hub/device variables in rule machine?

Is there a way in rule machine to pull device, location, hub properties to be used in actions and perhaps even the overall logic of rules?

Specifically, I want to add the hubs IP address to my rule that notifies me when the hub has started. I know that as an app developer, to get this info, I could use: ${hub.getDataValue("localIP")}.

Is there a way to use this natively in rule machine? Perhaps something formatted like a variable/global variable? %${hub.getDataValue("localIP")}%

Along the same line, is there the ability to display and/or use in logic other values available in app code such as %${devicename.getDataValue("property")}% ?

None of those are available in RM. You can get boot up start with a Location trigger for System Start. You can do somethings on devices with Custom Attribute and Custom Action, which will pull up every device attribute and command respectively. In the case of a Custom Attribute, this can be put into a variable for further comparison/operation.

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