Hub Details page should show complete IP settings

The Details page shows Mac and IP, but no Def Gateway, no subnet mask, no DNS settings. and no IPv6. All of that should be listed.

How detailed should the details be? That level of detail is on the Network Settings page. If it is so difficult to navigate to, make a bookmark.

Would you like the Hub details page to list all your z-wave and zigbee devices? How about all the devices connected to the hub via IP? Where does this penchant for cramming extraneous information into a basic information page end?


The page you are referring to is the “Network Setup” page - not entirely intuitive labeling if you are looking for the Network “Details”. That page also requires you to “expand” each section for more details, again, not very intuitive.

One idea would be to have a “more details” link on the Hub Details page for additional information regarding the network.

I am not sure the original poster deserved the snark in your reply.


Only if one chooses not to read the description next to Network Setup:

Double arrows indicating a direction to expand (if contracted), or contract (if expanded) are unintuitive?

I don't believe the Network Setup Page displays subnet mask or DNS server IP's either.

It does.

It does not show current DNS, mask or gateway if DHCP is used. All those fields are blank if DHCP is used. At a minimum the current values for ALL network parameters should be displayed at the top with the IP address.


Not sure it's strictly necessary as usually it's on a /24 subnet and in your head you should know your gateway... Just sayin. For me anything outside the ip doesn't register because I know the network setup

Surely. you jest.


Not at all. Then again perhaps I'm unique because I keep network maps in my head and I deal with over a 100 small and large networks on a daily basis so most of it is in my noggin. That said most home networks are pretty flat, even with vlans so your sub is "usually" going to be a /24 but then again if you know enough to start building larger or smaller subnets you're gonna know instinctualy what subnet is what. Beyond that shrug...

I don’t use /24 subnets and I use DHCP so it would be useful to see the additional info.


Or at least have a 'details' button.

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Right but you should know your own subnets if you set them up.. I'm simply sayiing it's not a huge deal not to have it displayed.

Not for mine. I'm not using wifi or static IP.


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