Hub Dead

@bobbyD, @mike.maxwell

My hub has been offline for three days. I’m dead in the water. I was hoping to hear something back from Hubitat today and I know the day isn’t over yet but is anyone from Hubitat support able to contact me today with regards to my dead hub? I’ve not gotten a response back to my email to support. Thank you.

Can you reach http://your-hub-ip:8081??


@inetjnky has been through all that in a previous thread over the weekend. His C-4 is well and truly dead. The LED is blue. It isn't reachable over the network.

He started this new thread to directly reach Hubitat Support for his C-4 (the previous thread also had a different user who had C-4 that was rescued).

Tagging @bobbyD.

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Dead isn't the first thing I'd conclude with a C-4. Blue is "normal/running"

It's not responding, and although I remember reading the thread, for some reason, I can't remember the answer to the "" question. Guess I have to re-read. :slight_smile:

Ethernet port isn't working, And, if I recall correctly, automations aren't working either. The blue LED is :slight_smile:

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I rescanned @inetjnky posts and I don't see anything about verifying the IP address.

It's behaving like unresponsive IP address so that would lead us to take a pass at" to verify it's not accessible at that addr.

That’s correct. Can’t get to the hub on port 80 or 8081, and automations are not running. shows the hub as unavailable.

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Hi there, I was just literally reviewing your ticket and was looking for your DM on Facebook to reply. Unfortunately, @aaiyar may be right, if you cannot reach the Diagnostic Tool, it likely means a local network problem or troubles with the hub's Ethernet port.

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I can assure you it’s not a local network problem. I’ve tried different ports on my switch and router and different Ethernet cables. I would think that if it was just an Ethernet port option that my automations would still be running since that would indicate that the radio would still be functional by USB and that’s not happening.

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Delete, saw automations weren't running.
That sucks, sorry @inetjnky.
Hang in there, Bobby will get it sorted out


New hub is on its way. Thank you @bobbyD for your assistance. Dead hub confirmed.