Hub currently thinks it is between sunset and 9:15pm and has thought so since last night at sunset

Last night I noticed my light came on full brightness around 9:05pm when I went into the bathroom like it is supposed to do between sunset and 9:15pm. However when I woke up at about 4 am it still came on at full brightness instead of the 30% it's supposed to so I setup a simple if time between sunset and 9:15pm then and it shows true even now at 8:40am. I had this happen once around a month ago as i had the rule set for sunset to 9pm however then sunset was after 9pm so it made sense now however I don't understand why it thinks it is between sunset (9:04pm) and 9:15pm?

I just rebooted my hub and now it shows false so it should be good again. Just not sure what would have caused that issue.