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Hi I'm trying to update Hubitat Package manager but get error An error occurred logging into the hub. Please verify your Hub Security username and password. When I go to hub login Security i'm getting this message Hub Login Security

Enable Hub Login Security to prevent unauthorized access to your web interface on your local area network (LAN).

PLEASE NOTE: These credentials are different than the account used to register your hub and will only work on this hub. Enabling Hub Login Security may lock you out of your hub if you can not remember the username and/or password.
How do I correct this it's only on my 3rd hub the other 2 are fine.
UPDATE: So I was able to update by turning off Hub Security for now does the password and user have to be the same as the log in info to the forum? I might be miss understanding how the security works. Can I change the user and password and would I have to change it where it is registered? Thanks just don't want to lock the hub out.

No, Hub Login Security is an optional username and password entirely local to the hub on which it set up. It is unrelated to your My Hubitat account, which is probably how you're logging in to the forum (here). For more on Hub Login Security, see: Hub Login Security (Settings) | Hubitat Documentation.

If you have this feature enabled on your hub, you need to enable the option in Hubitat Package Manager and provide the same credentials. If you don't, the feature needs to be left off--it just has to match what is actually configured on the hub. If you do have it enabled but forgot the password, you'll need to do what you've already done and reset the hub login, since HPM needs it and you would eventually, too. :slight_smile:

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Thank you