Hub crashes on a regular basis, hard reboot needed

It has now happened many times across multiple versions of the OS so it's not an isolated incident.

I've been noticing that my hub goes offline on a regular basis, requiring a hard reboot. There seems to be nothing in the logs. No IP conflict, so I am not sure how to troubleshoot.

Any ideas?

Relevant (unhelpful) section of the logs:

14:51 is when I rebooted, and there has been lots of events since 21:37...

Tagging @bobbyD.

In the meanwhile, change the power supply, microusb cable and ethernet cord. Especially the last. Also try a different switch port.

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I already changed ports and tested the ethernet cord. Network side seems to be fine. Using the provided adapter and cord, both seemed fine until ~recently. What specs should I use for the USB adapter? 5V 1A?

Can you please send me a PM with your hub's MAC address?

PM sent.

1A or higher.


Got your PM. It doesn't look like this is a hardware problem, but more of a network problem. See me PM for more details.

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