Hub crashed, did soft reboot, now stuck on restoring backup

My hub crashed this morning, I was able to log into the diagnostic tool, tried a reboot, but the web interface wouldn't come up.

I did a soft reboot, then tried to restore from a recent backup, but it seems to be stuck on that process. It has taken over 15 minutes so far, and it hasn't finished. If I try to open the web interface, I get a 404 error.

How long should I expect the restore to take? My system isn't small, but I don't think it is particularly large compared to others I'm sure.

Should I try another reboot?

Update: It still wasn't moving past the restore screen after about 20-25 minutes, so I did another soft reboot, and I restored from an older backup. It seems to be rebooting this time.

It's back up and running again.

Crisis averted.

Nerves calming.

Early afternoon alcohol a possibility.

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Scratch that. It crashed again after it restarted. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Early afternoon alcohol a certainty

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I am stumped.

I have tried a Safe Mode reboot, that hangs while rebooting. I have done a Soft Reset several times, using different backups from 2 months ago that are saved to my computer.

The first time I tried the soft reset, I used a backup that was located on the hub. The second time, I used a local backup from the computer, that's the one that rebooted briefly but crashed a minute or two afterwards. I have tried the soft reset several times afterwards, using different backups from around the same time 2 months ago. None of them have gotten past the "Please Wait, Restoring Backup" screen.

None of the attempts to reboot have worked. One of the soft resets gave me a 401 error, and I had to log out, quit out of the browser, then login again.

Once I finish the 'Soft Reset', I use the 'Restore from backup' at the bottom
Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 12.03.59 PM

Should I try the 'Get Started' button and do a restore from the web settings (assuming I get that to load)?

Any other suggestions?

Restore from Backup is usually the correct option, but you may want to have @bobbyD or someone else from @support take a look at the engineering logs at this point.

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Ok, thanks. Do I need to contact him, or will he be notified by your tag?

I just did another reset, with a backup from a year ago, it got past the 'Restoring Backup' screen, and seems to be initializing again. I will see if this one stays up after it loads.

I also sent an email to support@hubitat.

--the interface just loaded. I will leave it up for a while to see if it stays up. And if it does, I'll try a few things to see if it crashes again, and maybe try another restore from a more recent backup.

Edit: the Devices and Apps pages load, but the settings gives me a 500 error.

Edit 2: The Settings page is now loading correctly. I tried activating some of the lights, and they are working too. I'll try to do another backup restore later today

They should be notified by the tag. Glad it's working, but I'd still have them look at it, as that's not anywhere normal.

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Thanks again.

I'll leave it for now, it hasn't crashed yet. Unfortunately, since I restored an old backup, there are devices that don't exist anymore that are giving me errors in the logs, but I'll wait to hear from them before I try another restore to a more recent backup.

Nothing has changed recently, so I think the 2 month old backup will be current enough, but I did also download the latest backups from the hub using the diagnostic tool in case I can use them. Just worried that if something got corrupted there, they may be corrupted too.