Hub C5 keeps crashing after update

at this moment i'm already busy with this for 3 weeks finding out what the problem is without any success.
I used to be on without any problems in the past i used to update it to and it kept crashing so i switched back to 2.2.4 for a while.
Now i updated the hub to and it keeps crashing again and somehow it's not possible to switch back to 2.2.4 anymore.
after trying everything i'm now at the stage that i lost all my devices because of a hard reset the hub is completely empty and it still crashes after a half day.
The logs doesn't show anything.
Already tried diffrent power adaptor 2.5A and no diffrence.

Does anybody have an idea or advice for me for what the problem could be, maybe it became defective after the update or it conflicts with something in my network.

I can't ping the hub from the support tool right now, but here's a way to get 2.2.4 back on it:

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thanks i got the hub back to the 2.2.4 again, maybe the future updates will become more stable for me if not i will just keep going back to the 2.2.4.