Hub Backups

Are these comprehensive snapshots of the moment in time that they are saved?
ie. Do they include event logs, device settings/configs, all custom code, etc?

I just restored a backup from my primary to a secondary hub and can confirm all apps, current states, events, and configs transferred over.

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Thank you for the confirmation!

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I just got another hub for testing purposes and decided to try the Backup and restore. I did take the USB stick from my source hub and plugged it into the destination hub. It was overall a really good experience. Z-Wave device had no issue, neither did Lutron and cloud based stuff. I had to re-pair my Zigbee devices (only 3 Zigbee door sensors). Not sure if it was a fluke though.

Overall, it was very pleasant. It doesn’t look like it does any kind of Z-Wave controller backup at this point, but I’m not sure I really want that. I could see a use case for both scenarios though. To do a restore like I did where I took the USB stick and put it into another hub and a use case where I restore the Z-Wave network to the USB stick. I’m not sure if restoring the Zigbee network would even be possible though.

As a side note, a one-liner to put in a crontab task to save the database to a server / local machine:

wget -c -q --content-disposition -P /volume1/Hubitat/backups/Home/ http://hub.ip.address/hub/backupDB?fileName=latest