Hub backup and recovery done right (Vera had to get something right i guess)

Hi All, what with the recent discussions around the upcoming Hubitat Protection Service and it's Backup capabilities, I thought I'd show you all the one thing Vera actually got right - their backup and recovery process.

Just to be clear, I'm moving off Vera as soon as my C7 arrives - I've had it up to my eyeballs with Vera, it's a frustrating user experience because when it works, it's great, but it's inconsistent and unreliable even with automation being run using Reactor and DelayLight.

However, as I point out in this video, when you backup a Vera hub and Z-wave radio, it backs up everything, including app/plugins and all their configurations. When you restore a Vera Hub from backup, you don't have to fix anything, it just works as it was when the backup was made.

If Hubitat Backup and Recovery (and migration) can become this comprehensive, it'll be really valuable imo.

PS, as I mentioned in the announcement topic, there's nothing wrong with the proposed subscription service offering and I don't begrudge Hubitat for creating it.


You made a video? Hmm passionate.

I'm not a Vera fan but I do own 2 Vera Plus units. Now Vera firmware updates are always a gamble and you have a high chance of bricking your Vera (why I have 2) but otherwise if not pushed too hard they run well as device controllers. Been used for Z-Wave device controllers for lots of other platforms. Add too many apps or complex events other than basic scenes and well they stutter, slow down and just perform horribly.

I got accused of misleading ppl, and reported to the mods, when i described the Vera Backup process in the Protection Service topic which annoyed me immensely - so I made a video showing that it isn't some convoluted 2-step process as claimed by the folk who reported me.

Same, I have an Edge and a Plus for this reason.

Too true, I keep mine to a bare minimum but still experience random automation slowdowns etc. I've found they are usually caused by Luup engine reloads at inappropriate times.

Those used to annoy me... if I remember... every 6 minutes??? I was always like really?

It definitely improved on 7.29 and 7.30 but still happens a lot for no reason I can find - Vera also needs to trigger a Luup reload everytime you make any sort of change and then you also have to hard-refresh the browser. Such a PITA! :man_facepalming:

At the end of my Vera days I did everything via API calls direct and then when I was done initiated the Luup reload. I wasn't sitting around waiting after every single little change for the reload to finish each and every single little click and wait.....

yes exaggerated a little for those without the experience... but not overly :slight_smile:

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Doesn't feel like an exaggeration to me! :cry:

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I ran Vera for years, everything else imaginable from x-10 in the 80s. I can’t remember a system that didn’t backup and restore in its totality. Backup, purchase new computer or whatever the system ran on and restore. Easy Peasy. I just got a 7 and I’m pretty salty that I can’t just replace my hardware 4 and restore.

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I agree with the sentiment of “when the Vera works it works great” but I also had it with the unstable firmware updates and other random issues. I used three different Vera’s over the years and had the same problems with them all. I’ve recently heard that Ezlo (the company that recently bought Vera) will be discontinuing support for the Vera units, and moving forward with their Ezlo brand of controllers.

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I was testing their new Beta Linux FW on my Edge, but it was a mobile first approach that left me unimpressed. I mean c'mon, no web UI on a Home Automation controller in 2020? :man_facepalming:

Yeah HomeSeer went this route with their recent HS4.

Now that I've migrated all my z-wave devices to my HE C7, my Vera Plus wasnt working hard just running my HVAC gear (Nest & Honeywell Wifi), so I've moved my entire config over to my Vera Edge and put my Vera Plus up for sale on eBay.

Vera Backup/Restore still kicks a$$ - I just made a backup of my Plus and then Restored it to my Edge and that's it ... everything just worked, including my 2x Nests and ALL automation.

Hubitat would do well to copy Vera's holistic Backup/Restore approach. It just makes life so much easier when it's needed.

Wink never had a browser interface. Mobile app only! It was so awful to try and do anything with Wink.

I never understood what folk saw in wink - it seemed like they were trying to go after the same market as Amazon Alexa which was foolish.

More like Apple I think. Closed ecosystem, looks pretty but lacks customization or personalization.

At least Apple stuff works well - when was the last time you saw someone using a non-Apple tablet?

:raising_hand_man: Me! No Apple products here!


I've tried Android and hated the crap upgrade cycle and lack of support after 18 months even from Samsung. Apple iOS stuff gets supported for 4-5 years and holds its 2nd hand value as a result.

Plus managing you kids iPad's from your iPhone is the best Parenting tool ever!