Hub Arrived. USB Dongle but no USB Port?

My hub arrived today. :hugs: It's supposed to be UK version and there's a Z-Wave dongle in the box, which I believe is required for UK frequencies, however there's no USB port on the hub to plug it into (unless I am suffering from a severe episode of man-blindness). There is also no mention of the USB dongle in the manual.

Am I missing something? Is the USB dongle no longer required in the UK, or have I been sent the wrong type of hub?

I've connected to the hub and tried to discover Z-wave devices but it's not finding anything, so I'm beginning to think I've been sent the wrong version. :grimacing:

There should be a USB OTG cable in the box. This allows the USB dongle to be plugged into the micro USB port while power is passed through it.

ok, it appears that the USB OTG cable is missing. :disappointed_relieved:

:disappointed_relieved: aw blast. However I’d certainly appreciate your help on the awesome Greenwave driver you did on ST and port to HE once you’re bedded in :+1: hope the cable issue gets sorted swiftly.

If you need one quickly....
I believe that this is the correct one.


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