Huawei inverter into HE

Hello friends,

I need help, does anyone know if I can bring the data from a Huawei Inverter into HE? I have the API, but I couldn't find any driver or app anywhere to be able to integrate.
I accept any ideas, where I could start digging :slight_smile:


Also interested in this. There is a local API too so it should be possible.

Can you post a link to the API?

I found this (API used with Home Assistant)…


Hi Angus,

thx for the answer, I will create also a HA network, moving all my zigbee device there.
In HE cannot bring my air conditionate (wifi), invertor....I will keep HE for zwave.


Yeah, good idea. HA has come on leaps & bounds the last few years. There are so many integrations now and node red support too so it’s easier to program automations now too.

Hi guys
Did anyone pursued this topic of Huawei Fusion Solar integration via API to Hubitat?
Huawei also cleated an API account for me, I'm able to get some data via POSTMAN but my developer knowledge is zero so I have no idea how to write any driver for Hubitat to be able to use the API for communication with the Inverter.

Any thoughts?

Here is the official Fusion Solar documentation on using their API.