HTTP Get Request does not work in RM, works in Chrome

I am trying to send an HTTP Get Request in Rule Machine.

Similar to: h ttp://IP:PORT/admin?uservar=%userval%&pwvar=%pwval%&var1=1
(purposely mis-spelled due to some forum restriction)

The URL works fine in Chrome.

When I run it in Rule Machine nothing happens. No error is reported in the logs, and the log reports "Action: Send GET to: " plus all the URL stuff (h ttp://IP:PORT/admin?uservar=%userval%&pwvar=%pwval%&var1=1)

I have tried both storing the URL as a variable in Hubitat as well as just having it manually written out in my rule. I have also tried Setting the URL variable to URLEncode and then sending that via Get, but it did not work. Opening the encoded URL in Chrome does not work so not sure where to go from here?