Http Commands from another device to HE

Hi All,

Im wanting to use RTI as a front end, and wondering if there are a set of http commands that I can use to talk to HE from RTI eg. http://HubitatIPAddress:55501/KitchenOn

Any help would be much appreciated! would save me from writing a driver for RTI

The Hubitat Maker API built-in App allows simple http commands to query devices and issue commands.

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any chance you can help with correct syntax for the commands?

http://HE IP address/apps/api/257/devices/65/off/?access_token= TOKEN - gives me the following error:

{"error":true,"type":"AppException","message":"Not Found"}

the commands list and details URL work fine, just not the explicit commands

Maker API has a section in the hub’s documentation pages that should help:


Are you sure that you've exposed device# 65 via the Maker API App?

What is returned if you issue the following command?


Also, your syntax might be slightly off, try the following instead. Note that there is no "/" between "off" and "?access_token".


Great post. I’m going to try this. Did you ever have any luck? I have an RTI system and I’m
An RTI “programmer”.