HSM won't cancel alerts

I am having an issue with HSM failing to cancel an alert. At first i thought it was something with the new hub (C7) and settings i configured so i removed and added HSM back. While i was doing that i had the smoke detector go off that is connected to the old C5 hub. That also failed to cancel the alert when the smoke detector cleared.

Is anyone else seeing this also? I am running on both hubs.

Logs on C7:
app:2252021-11-16 08:13:20.507 pm warnAlert Water WS - Spare Bathroom - toilet wet
At this point HSM should have canceled the alert
dev:1682021-11-16 08:03:25.391 pm infoWS - Spare Bathroom - toilet is dry
app:2252021-11-16 08:03:20.390 pm warnAlert Water WS - Spare Bathroom - toilet wet
dev:1682021-11-16 08:03:20.340 pm infoWS - Spare Bathroom - toilet is wet

I have experienced this and have seen others comment the same. There are also people who report alerts canceling properly. I too remove/reloaded HSM and the same alerts not canceling right away, even after hitting "cancel alerts"
did you hit cancel alerts?

Yes, i can hit cancel but that means i have to log into the interface..... in the end that is not supposed to be the behavior of HSM and completely defeats the purpose of having repeatable alerts. In the past alerts like this would auto cancel when the sensor returned to normal. For this instance, we were mopping the bathroom and triggered the sensor due to the floor being mopped. The alert should have auto canceled.

Does anyone have a workaround foe this issue?

I have something happening that might be related....but I don't think so. It's acting more like something isn't cleared up in the database from past iterations of HSM Custom Monitoring Rule work.

Just had a Custom Monitoring Rule monitoring battery levels on all devices trigger for one device talking to a C5 running, BUT what I am being told about at the top of HSM is a mishmash of old rule names ending with the appropriate one involved.

Here is the "Big Red" warning at the top of the HSM App page when opened:

Custom Rule Alert: temp >115F - all sensors, humidity >75% - select sensors, humidity >80% - select sensors, humidity >90% - select sensors, warning - batteries <30%, warning - batteries <25%

As I burrow down into HSM and the Custom Monitoring Rule list here is the Big Red notice on the appropriate "warning - batteries <25%" Custom Monitoring Rule: " ALERT: Pump - Well is 23 "

Now, I no longer have any Custom Monitoring Rules labeled per what that first list shows EXCEPT for the last one in bold. Everything you see above in bold above is consistent.

I HAVE changed the set points and labels of other HSM Custom Monitoring Rules without deleting the rule, those are the entries you see in the long string of rules alerted.

  • I'm back a few versions because the easy update option to go to 2.2.9.xlast is no longer presented and I am not ready to go all the way to 2.3.0.xlatest
    (To folks purposely trying to stay one level behind the most current release level... this is an inconvenience that boarders on promoting people move to riskier releases way before they're ready to.).

What I am seeing might have been fixed already. This appears to be some remnant of the evolution of changes I made to some of my Custom Monitoring Rules.