HSM triggers smoke alarm on the 2.2.7 update

After the 2.2.7 update I've noticed that my 3 smoke detectors somehow are triggering the HSM smoke alarm but they don't report smoke. After every status update (every hour my smoke detectors are reporting their status battery, smoke - clear or smoke), HSM triggers smoke alarm.

Could you show the Event Subscriptions section of the HSM App Status page (gear icon).


OK, next, from the App Status page at the top, click on Events, and post that page. Also, look at either device, open its events from the device page, and post that. From all appearances the devices are reporting 'detected', which is what should fire off HSM.

Also, post the device page itself (top portion) for one of these.

Open HSM and hit Disarm All. Then hit the button to rearm water and smoke. See if that corrects the problem.

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Thanks. That solves my problem, at least for the first smoke detector few minutes ago.
EDIT: second detector also didn't trigger HSM alarm. Problem solved for me.


A small break in backwards compatibility that was missed. It will be fixed in a hot fix release for others, but you are set.

Anyone else experiencing this issue, follow the steps just above.

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