HSM Stuck in “Intrusion Disarmed” Mode

I recently performed a test of HSM to verify that the system does what I want when an intrusion happens in Away mode. It works, but now it won’t let me put it back into Armed Home mode. I believe that I’ve cleared the alert, but the “Arm Home” button on the dashboard does nothing, and there is no option to Arm Home in HSM, only Arm Away and Arm Night.

I’ve rebooted the hub and it is still in Intrusion Disarmed. How do I clear the alert and reset it back to Armed Home?

Have you checked HSM to ensure it has devices and such setup for the Home Mode? In my setup i don't have ArmedNight and it is because i don't have it configured.

It's been working normally the whole time until now. I was just testing the Armed Away mode to make sure I got alerts and the lights flash and the siren works, etc.

Hmmm...I added a door sensor to "Intrusion-Home," and now it allows me to arm Home mode. The documentation for HSM could use a rewrite to make it a bit clearer as to how the system functions in each mode.

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thanks for the awesome information.

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