HSM Status using Inovelli LED Notifications

My goal is to provide visual status of various contacts and locks around the house using Hubitat and Inovelli LED notifications. Below is a flow chart with how I would like it to work.

I followed this flow using rule machine 5.0 and came up with this:

I feel this is fairly clunky and there are more efficient ways to accomplish this. Anyone have any input on ways to improve this? Additionally I have one bug where if the window is open, the yellow light will not come on while in the delay. Not sure on how to fix that one yet.

I don't have any insight on the "best" way to implement this beyond writing your own Hubitat App, but wanted to commend you on what is clearly an ambitous project. I've certainly never even THOUGHT about trying to create a set of RM rules this complex before, and here you've not only thought about it but successfully implemented it.

While I have not personally used it (yet), it might be worth looking at the [BETA] Simple State Machines project. It is an implementation of a Finite State Machine for Hubitat.

So when I see people posting screenshots of their RM rules with multiple IF - ELSEIF - ELSE blocks with different conditions in each and they wonder why it doesn't catch an edge case, my engineer brain says "That's a place for a state machine!"

Since you clearly know all the various states and behaviors you're looking for (your visual flow chart is basically a FSM representation) it might fit the bill.

I'm in the process of setting up Inovelli LED Notifications.

I was wondering how this worked for you?

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At the risk of touting my own app, if you are using the new Inovelli Blue Zigbee switches for LED notifications, you may want to check out the early alpha/beta release of my notification mini-dashboard. "Switch Dashboard" and Switch Notifications - #8 by jonathanb

If you are using the Z-Wave Red series, I'll be working to add support for those too.

I actually have a bunch of Red Series units. I'll keep a eye on your thread. Thanks

I'm still running more or less the same rule. It glitches out sometimes with the 100minute timer. I'm sure I could fix the bugs, but for the most part it works.