HSM smoke detector rule

I can create a Basic Rule that uses Smoke Detector as a trigger when Smoke is present, Do this action: Turn on Buzzer and this works but the buzzer only sounds once. So i tried to create a Rule Machine where the trigger is HSM alerts smoke but the rule never triggers the Repeat action. What am I missing? TIA

Can you post the rule?

The Stop Repeating Actions is what's killing the rule running. Since your trigger is the initial smoke alert, there is nothing to retrigger, and the rule won't repeat since it was stopped.

Take a look at the layout examples in the docs: Rule 5.1 | Hubitat Documentation

Repeat Actions (stoppable)
     some actions
    IF (expression) Stop Repeating Actions

Even with this simple rule, i do not get any action.


I selected smoke detector in HSM and needed to select All smoke.


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