HSM Smoke/CO2 behavior question

So, the house is set to descend into chaos when the smoke/co2 alarms go off. All lights on, color bulbs red and flashing.

Question: Will they revert to previous settings when smoke is clear?

They will turn off, but your psycho color scheme will remain.


Good to know. Perhaps a lil risky while I'm away. :rofl:

Mike was wrong. HSM saves the state of the lights prior to setting off the lights alert, and restores them upon cancel of the alert.


An example of feeling great about being wrong!



I was trying out the HSM Water Leak detection functionality last night. I was able to get it to create a SMS Text Message without any issues, as well as Pushover Notifications. I then added in the action of changing my Sengled Color Bulbs to RED when a leak is detected. This also worked as expected.

When the 'water event' cleared, I noticed my Sengled Color Bulbs did not return to the same previous setting that I originally had. They did change, but they changed back to the previous RGB Color setting, not the 'Soft White' CT setting that was there before the leak event.

I typically have my bulbs set to 2700/Soft White (mode: CT) I sometimes change them based on some event, or Pico button press, to a color like Orange (mode: RGB). I then put them back to 2700/SoftWhite. If HSM then is used to change the color to RED, afterwards the bulbs revert back to ORANGE, not SoftWhite as desired.

Hopefully this makes sense to you and @mike.maxwell. I am using the 'Generic Zigbee RGBW Light' Driver and I have told HSM to control the 2 x bulbs directly (i.e. not using a Group for the bulbs.)

I appreciate any assistance or guidance you can provide.

It's doable (but fiddly) to do this with RGBW bulbs...

HSM saves the current state of the bulb, and then restores it. So, obviously it is not detecting that the bulb is in CT mode instead of RGB mode. Shouldn't be too hard to fix.

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