HSM Questions


Just starting to get HSM setup and have a couple questions.

When an alert occurs I have lights coming on. When I disarm those lights shut off. Is it possible to leave them on and let me turn them off manually?

Is there a difference between disarm and cancel alerts?

If a door is open when arming. Then if the door is closed will it then trigger the alert if opened again? Doesn't seem to do that unless I disarm and rearm. If I desire to leave the door open will it NOT trigger the alarm?

If I have my siren set to automatically turn off after 60 seconds, I assume that will still apply even if HSM triggered the siren?


Disarm is disarms the system and cancel alerts leaves the system armed but cancels the alert.

Yes, it will.


Not via HSM. You need to create a trigger of the HSM going to intrusion and then turn the lights on. But this means if there is a false alarm and you reset it remotely all your lights will be on till you manually turn them off.