HSM Put Me In The Doghouse

Wife still in bed. I disarmed HSM. Opened door, alarm went off. Wife woke up not happy.

Here is the system log. HSM was disarmed 11 seconds before alarm was triggered. Doesn't make sense.

That is strange as it says intrusion-night but it looks like it was in home mode before being disarmed. I've seen the same thing when unlocking my deadbolt and looked at the dashboard and saw it said disarmed then opened the door and the alarm went off. It seems that you have to wait 30 seconds or so for it to fully disarm or something. We usually use presence to arm/disarm so it disarms about 30 seconds before we pull into the driveway and then there is no issue with false alarms. I never saw a reply from support on that conversation and never sent a support issue since I just fixed the rule that was disarming the system to work even if one device got left in the house and I armed the system manually which is when it failed to disarm automatically the time I noticed this behavior.