HSM pushover message door open

I have created a rule to send a pushover message if HSM arms and a contact is open which works. but is there a way to get it to list what has been left open in the message?

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Yes, you can add %device% to the message text, and it will fill in the device name. %value% is also available, but presumably you already know what that is.

Thanks @bravenel yeah spotted those but it sends device=home and value=armedhome to pushover so no good for what i'm after.

Sorry, I misread your question. There is an outstanding feature request not yet implemented for devices "not ready" upon arming.

ok that would be great, look forward to that feature in a update at some point.

This feature will be in the next release. It will allow you to setup alerts to get if you attempt to arm with one of the monitored contact sensors open. If you attempt to arm it from within HSM itself, you would instantly get feedback that it wasn't ready. At least one alert for this would have to be setup for it to kick in.

You may also find this app useful

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