Hsm on two hubs

Hello there.
Like modes can interact between two hubs, will that also be possible with hsm, meaning, when hsm on hub1 arms, hub two2 should also arm, or do I have two fiddle around with virtual switches.

Thanks from Denmark

Hub mesh is your friend. I have HSM on only one hub, but it uses the devices from the second hub also. You don't need to run HSM on both hubs.

Like @StephenH said most people will only run HSM on one hub and use Hub Mesh to share the devices; however, if you do want/need to use HSM in this manner or with hubs that aren't on the same LAN:

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It just came up because..... it the way it is :slight_smile: I wil move my hsm to one hub only. Thanks

Well if you change your mind and need help setting it up, you know where to find me. :sunglasses: