HSM Notifications are Sporadic for me


I'm fairly new to Hubitat and I am using HSM with a few leak detectors and it seemed to be reliable when I tested it a couple weeks ago. Tonight I moved my two First Alert ZCombo Detectors over frim Smartthings.

When I test the detectors using detector test spray I can see the state of the detector change, HSM goes to "Alert" status but the notifications to my Galaxy S21 are unreliable in the sense that most alerts never come. Now it seems the leak detectors are the same when I test. I'll only get a couple alerts when the event is triggered and not any reminders.

What are some good ways to try and troubleshoot the issue?

So far Ive tried doing multiple tests, waiting for reminders, clearing and not clearing the alert in HSM, removing and reinstalling HSM, adjusting the text notification templates and checking my app permissions. I appreciate any insight anyone may have.

What notification device are you using? Your phone directly? Or something like Pushover running on your phone?

If it is your phone directly, do notifications arrive if you send test notifications directly from the device page for your phone.

Hi @aaiyar,

I am currently using the device app. When I test the notification to the device, even with Remote Access in Chrome, the notifications are almost instant.

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This is puzzling.

Do notifications also arrive if your phone is on the cellular network?

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They sometimes do with HSM. I couldnt find any correlation between the phone being off or on the network.

+1 on this thread --- my Pixel 4a receives test notifications instantly, but the reporting from HSM can be delayed 20+ minutes, if they come over at all. Any ideas? Ps - using the C-8, coming over from Smartthings.

@support_team - I'm going to revive this concern. I thought the issue had gone away, but I opened our utility room today only to find the condensate drain for our A/C plugged and I saw my water sensor floating in the one corner. I thought it was the sensor until I opened the Hubitat App and saw that it had received notifications about the sensor being wet. A couple minutes later it finally pushed a notification to me.

The notification permissions on my S21 allows all notifications for the Hubitat app and the device doesn't put the app to sleep. Any ideas how we can track down where the disconnect is happening? Can we allow other notification methods with HSM so it can do a push notification and also use PushOver, SMS or email?