HSM not delaying intrusion for Armed Home

I've been using Konnected and Hubitat for a few years and it was working really well. I'm not sure what happened, but I started adding some new components and upgraded Hubitat firmware, so maybe that's what's caused my recent issues.

My issue is all around delays and intrusions. For some reason I no longer get a delay if I'm in "Armed Home" and I open a door. The siren just goes off immediately.

Here's my log:

And here's my configuration of HSM:

Any idea what's going on? Armed Away works just perfect. I just want Armed Home to be the same thing and can't figure out what's broken.

I ran into the same issue tonight 2-6-23 and happened a few days ago with a different door. Delay intrusion is set to 60 seconds and looking at the log it shows the 60 second delay to arm.

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