HSM night mode

Would work pretty much the same as Home, but allow different sensors to be selected.
The rationale is that at night you might want more sensors enabled, especially for large houses or multiple floors (at night I might lock out an entire floor).

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Not understanding how this would differ from the existing "Intrusion Home" where you can select whatever sensors you want to be enabled.

This could be an example config.

Home: contact sensors on windows but not motion everywhere

Night: contact sensors plus motion on some floor

Away: all contacts plus motion

At the bottom, right above "Arm and Disarm", you can create your own custom mode and set whatever you want. However, it does look like there isn't currently at way to select that in a rule. Either it's an oversight or I don't know how to use it. @bravenel, is there a way to select custom HSM modes as conditions and actions in RM?


No, not at present. They aren't "modes", but custom rule alerts. Future release will allow arming and disarming them individually. Right now, you can arm / disarm all of them with Disarm All and Arm Monitoring Rules.

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Still think that a night mode might be easier to handle and would be on par with other security systems :slight_smile:

What Bruce is saying is you'll be able to create a custom condition (call it a mode if you want) and name it anything you want, activating whatever you want. You'll be able to arm/disarm each of them as you wish, either manually or automatically via rules.

My alarm has Arm, Disarm and Home. If I want more, I can make custom modes. Same as what Hubitat is doing. There isn't a standard, so I think this is a good compromise IMO.

That would be a custom rule alert and it would not inherit other settings, like entry delay.

It would if they added that capability. Seems logical that they would do that.

Agree. Would be nice to have away, stay and night modes.

I understand, and agree with your comment.

Someone else had asked for Away Pets, as distinct from Away. See a trend here? Not sure how best to handle these requests, as they are all doable and all take resources.

Perhaps there should be two of each Away and Home. It doesn't really matter what they are called, it's the fact that you can get the essential features with each of them. Only 1 of the 4 could be armed at any one time.

Beyond that, it would have to be HSM Custom Rules for anything else.

I will look into this...

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Just go with the conventional and call them Intrusion-away, Intrusion-Stay and Intrusion-night.

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I see the trend, you are right.
A set of 4 will probably do but I can see requests for more. A line will have to be drawn otherwise you would have to make them dynamic or go crazy.
Thanks for looking into it

FWIW, I vote for the custom option beyond whatever is decided for presets. I participated in the beta for my alarm system's new app, and that was the consensus, that everyone has a specific in mind, so it was best to just allow them to make custom modes.

For now we're going to stop at 3: Away, Home and Night. Night will be in the next release. The only thing really that is distinguishing these from each other are exit delays. There was a request for exit delays for Home --> going out to walk the dog sort of thing. If we put that in, then there would be three types of intrusion alarms, each customizable as to devices that can be set. They would happen to have those three names, but, hey, what's in a name? A rose by any other name...

I really don't know what you're talking about with "custom modes". What was being discussed were intrusion alarms. With HSM Custom Rules one can create any sort of custom alarm needed. But intrusion is a special beast, and the core of any alarm system.

In any event, we're not foreseeing redoing HSM into some sort of generalized customizable alarm engine, beyond the extent that it is such already.


It’s just a terminology difference. I get what you mean. My alarm system calls them modes. Didn’t mean to confuse things.

My alarm only have 2 arm states, and it's a smart system with zwave radio included, I can add it to HE as a secondary controller.

I saw that this was implemented, at least the selecting of different sensor setups for Arm-Night.
I do not see, however, a Arm Night button under Arm and Disarm in HSM App Configure App view.

Also, when an application subscribes to HSM events, is it safe to assume that armedNight is the value? I couldn't easily test my assumption, without the button above. :smiley:

Did you set up any monitoring for Night? It won't show up until it's set up. Same with Away and Home.

Aha. No I did not. Thanks.