HSM - moisture sensor did not trigger when wet and "all devices" selected [workaround solution]

Today I went downstairs to check my basement and noticed that there was water in my utility room. The water sensor I had placed near where the leaks occur had activated - red light but no message from the HSM.

The device itself in HE was showing as "wet". I dried off the sensor then went into the HSM. I noticed that "all devices" had been set. Took it off "all devices" and selected each of the 2 devices individually. I then saved HSM and put the sensor back in the water. It triggered again and this time I got the alert.

Not sure what is going on but it seems to be working now...

If you would be so kind, please do these 3 things for me. First, do a screen capture of app status page for the subscriptions part, as it is right now. Then put it back to All water sensors, and hit Done. Then show me the app status page for subscriptions for that. They should be the same.

I would be happy to! Hang on for a bit,,,

So they look the same as far as I can tell.. I included the whole page so you can see everything. If you need anything else let me know. Am going to try and kick it off again with the toggle set..

Selected Devices:

AND with "use every water sensor":

So of course it now works with the "use every water sensor" setting... go figure..

I would be happy to remove and reinstall HSM to test again..

So it's also strange - I got like 6 alerts all at once.. With the selected devices I only got one every however minutes I set it to..

I DO have a custom alert device but it simply calls my node/sendmail server via an url. Maybe that is causing the weirdness.

I think you found an issue I had!