HSM Modes Question

So I have a stupid question and I know I am probably overthinking it.

I have an Iris V3 keypad and I was reading the release notes for the 2.0.8 hotfix just released.

On that keypad, is ON the same thing as Armed-Away? And Partial can be set as Armed-Home or Armed-Night, correct?

What is the difference between Armed-Home and Armed-Night? Is it basically, adding/removing additional sensors while you are sleeping rather than up and walking around?

You don't have to use armed home and armed night. I only use armed home. But yes, the reason for there being two is so that if you want fewer sensors enabled when you are up walking around vs. sleeping. And yes, the On on the V2 equals armed away.

Thank you. I thought that was the way it was, but I wasn't sure. Still trying to wrap my head around the HSM stuff.

It's not as complicated as it sounds. I ignore Night and just use Home.

This is exactly right. The Iris keypads only have On, Partial and Off buttons, for Arm-Away, Arm-Home and Disarm respectively. Some users are used to security systems that have a separate arm state for night. But since the keypad only supports two arm conditions, it has to be either Arm-Home or Arm-Night.

The Centralite keypads also have three buttons: Arm-Away, Arm-Home, and Arm-Night. For these there is no disarm button. It is disarmed by entering a valid code.

HSM has to accommodate both types of keypads, as well as users that want the distinction of Armed Home and Armed Night.

@bravenel, thanks for clearing that up. As I have never had an alarm system, I was getting confused to all of the modes. I think I get it now....