HSM Limitation?

I'm using a custom HSM monitor with a moisture detector under the AC condensor. Surprisingly I do not see a way to shut down the already connected HVAC thermostat as a result of moisture sensor detecting. I can use Rule Machine to achieve this but just wondering if I'm missing something. If I had a choice I would like to keep all the alarms under HSM.

Why the preference to do this via a security app? In the end whatever achieves the outcome (within reason) would be what you are after...? Unless I am missing something (I don't really use HSM...)


I guess because I don't consider it a security app, more of a monitor, and I'm already using it to monitor my other water sensors and smokes. It has an easy system to notify via text and built in ALERT CANCEL switch.

Adding one more custom alarm seemed to make sense.

The problem here is that the implication is that HSM just has to grow and grow more and more things it can do, effectively turning it into mini-RM. Where does it stop? Suppose you wanted to just change a setpoint, or the fan setting, as opposed to "shut down"? So it becomes a feature creep problem.

We've taken the approach for this that HSM can be easily 'extended' with RM to do things that are beyond its own scope and capability. RM can be triggered by HSM events. You can still get the features you want from HSM, and the extended functionality from companion RM rules.


Absolutely understood. I was only wondering if this was possible but not obvious to me. I suppose the title shouldn't have been "limitation". And yes, anything I could dream of doing so far has been possible in one way or another.

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