HSM keypad on a tile

Hi everyone, I'm looking to create a disarm tile, that when pressed will prompt the same type of virtual keypad used in HSM asking for a pin (see attached pic).

I followed the instructions to setup a password protected tile (which works fine) but everyone in my house is having a hard time remembering to press save after entering the pin. They keep assuming that pressing enter from the android keyboard will enter the pin.

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One option to consider is Virtual Keypad.

I love it.

Throwing a lot of CSS at it and it can be literally whatever you want.

@markbellkosel84 Yes yes yes .. this is great..I'm a new to this platform. Hopefully this is easy to understand.. no chance that someone did you tube on this

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Not that I know of. Read through the link. It's pretty self explanatory. For basic HSM functionality it's very easy. Even adding custom button functions is very simple. You'll see that I was very active in there as I was setting up ours.

Hey Mark I love your Key pad layout there its awesome looking. I went through that post and got the key pad loaded but I cant seem to get an HSM keys to work. I set the device type, template button and type of button but it will not work on the arm disarm or any HSM commands. Can you help out with getting the key pad to function correctly. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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